Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Call for submissions - Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Biopunk Wanted!

Urania - The Speculative Fiction imprint of Musa Publishing has recently posted a special call for submissions for their  "What Honor Requires".

Brandie Tarvin - Urania Publication Coordinator gave us some insights on her punk wishes:

"Urania is the adult speculative fiction imprint of Musa. Our Young Adult imprint (Euterpe) will take any of the punk manuscripts specifically identified as YA, and our Calliope imprint will take any punk manuscripts identified as Erotica.

It is very important that potential authors identify which age group the fiction is for, especially if it is Erotica. We can usually figure out the other stuff, but we don't want to put erotic fiction in the wrong imprint and have readers get up in arms for getting steamier content than they expected.

While we accept shorter fiction pieces, Urania currently wants novellas and novels over short stories and novelettes. My personal wishlist is any 'punk fiction that fits my current special call What Honor Requires. The details of this (which have different submission guidelines than our standard guidelines) can be found here. I'd really love to see some cyberpunk and steampunk for this call. I don't have anything like that right now. Biopunk would also be welcome.

We are not interested in story collections or anthologies. Reprints are welcome so long as the authors have exclusive worldwide English rights in print and digital back under their control, and the work is not currently available for purchase through other channels. We will not publish works which are currently for sale through other publishers or currently online through self-publishing endeavors."

So, you know what to do. Write a kick-ass story and go submit!

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